How to Get Help Directly from Google and Send Feedback on Google Pixel

send feedback on google pixel

Google Pixel is providing with a new feature that will make easier the user to get help. You can now ask for help directly from Google. Not only for getting help, but you can also send the feedback directly on Google Pixel. So whenever you run into trouble, you can directly contact the Google via phone or chat to get support immediately. How to do it? Check out these tips below for each of the purposes.

send feedback on google pixel

Step by step to get help directly

To get support for any problem, you should do the first thing is to go to your “Setting.” Open this menu and choose the “Support” tab. After that, you can choose between menu “Phone” and “Chat.” Choose the “Phone” if you want to get support via the phone. Or choose “Chat” if you want to get help for all of the problems through the chat.

After choosing either “Phone” or “Chat” menu, you can now directly report the issues that you meet on your Pixel. And done, you will get the support and start to overcome the issues.

Step by step to send the feedback

Just through the device, you can send the feedback directly. So if you have anything you want to say as your feedback, you just need simple steps to send your voices. Below are the ways you can do it. It is effortless.

Following the previous tips, you should go to your “Setting” menu. Find the menu “About phone” by scrolling down the menu and tap it. Select the menu “Send your feedback about this device.” And the last thing you need to do is write your feedback. Don’t forget to send your feedback so that Google will read it.

These steps are simple. In case you have a problem or want to say something about your device, just follow those simple steps. They will help you.

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Huge RAM and Storage of the Galaxy S10 Family You Can Enjoy

galaxy s10 family

Samsung always launches new products with sophisticated features. In this year, there will be upcoming smartphones that can amaze you so much. Yes, they are kinds of the Galaxy S10 family. There will be three smartphones you can choose. They are Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+. All of them have new features that can fulfill your need in this situation. Those are good display, amazing camera specs, big RAM and storage. Here, let’s find out the RAM and storage capacity for every kind of this S10 family.

galaxy s10 family

RAM of the Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+

Samsung provides huge RAM and storage for its new products.

  • The Galaxy S10e

For you who need phone with big RAM, you can choose this Galaxy S10e to be yours. It comes with two choices of RAM. One has 6 GB and the other one has 8 GB of RAM. Through it, you will be able to operate the phone without lagging because of having the sufficient RAM.

  • The Galaxy S10

Different to the Galaxy S10e, this type only has one variant of RAM. It is 8 GB. It belongs to the big RAM that you can use for running many apps you need.

  • The Galaxy S10+

This type has the highest quality in relation to RAM. It comes with two variants of big RAM. One contains 8 GB and the other one has 12 GB. Those are the great kinds of RAM you can choose from this type of Samsung upcoming products.

The Storage of Each Kind of the Galaxy S10 Family You Need to Know

The big storage is important for you as the users of a smartphone. With a big capacity of storage, you can store many files or documents there. In this case, Samsung provides big storage for the S10 family. Here is the detailed information.

  • The Galaxy S10e

There are two kinds of this type to choose in relation to the storage. You can choose one with 128 GB of RAM or the other one with 250 GB.

  • The Galaxy S10

This type comes with 128GB and 512 GB of RAM.

  • The Galaxy S10+

This is the best type among the S10 family. It provides the huge storage in which there are 128GB and 1TB available for this type. It is so wonderful, isn’t it?

Well, that is all about the RAM and storage of the upcoming Galaxy S10 family you can consider. This great information is hopefully able to convince you to choose one of these smartphones.

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How to Recording Slow Motion Videos on LG G6

recording slow motion videos on lg g6

Currently, many smartphones are equipped with a good camera with a large megapixel. With a variety of products that provide various advantages with their respective cameras, it will attract consumers to buy it. LG G6 is a sophisticated smartphone that has a new advantage that displays one of the best cameras of every smartphone in 2016. With this camera, you can record video in slow motion on your LG G6, very interesting right? For those of you who do not know yet, the Slow Motion function on LG G6 lets you record your every move quickly and then reproduce it slowly in your recording.

recording slow motion videos on lg g6

For those of you who have LG G6 and want to try this feature, you can follow this steps below:

Steps to Record video in slow motion on LG G6

  1. Open the Camera app
  2. Select the format next to the HDR option
  3. Select a resolution for the video and one for the camera

If you take a few steps above then, every video you record on your LG G6 smartphone will record itself in slow motion. Through the Settings option, you can then set how soon or later you want your slow motion. You can choose one of them;

  • X1 / 2 – slow motion is slowest
  • X1 / 4 for slow medium movement
  • X1 / 8- for best slow motion

It is therefore recommended that you set the speed of your video camera to x1/8. This is because this setting will produce the best slow motion effect for your recording.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 User Manual for Beginners and Seniors

galaxy s10 user manual

Samsung Galaxy S10 user manual will guide you well in the Galaxy S10 trending topics from how to send a text message, how to set up an email account, Wi-Fi calling, to applications settings. The Galaxy S10 user guide will also help you in camera settings, Bluetooth and other fun stuff you can do with your new phone.

You can download this Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+ user guide simply by going here You can also download a printable PDF version of Galaxy S10 manual to keep with you on your computer or print out as needed.

Samsung Galaxy S10 User Manual PDF

Download Samsung Galaxy S10 user guide in PDF and start using your phone. Reading the manual or Galaxy S10 tutorial before operating will help you to understand more about your new device. So you better keep it for future reference.

galaxy s10 user manual

This user manual for Galaxy S10 will help you to learn about special and new features of the phone including Bixby, the new edge screen, flexible security, water and dust resistance and more. If this is your first galaxy phone then you can find how to get started, how to set up your device, how to assemble your device, how to customize the home screen and how to maximize the use of Bixby. Simply download Samsung Galaxy S10 user guide and enjoy your new phone.

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Five Essential Laptop Tips for Beginners You can Try at Home

laptop tips for beginners

Are you the new users of a Laptop? If you are, you may be confused to use it if you do not have experience using a laptop before. In this case, you need to get laptop tips for beginners and know how to use laptop safely. Thus, you can use your laptop appropriately and get less risk of trouble. Talking about tips, they are very important to get. They will help you to solve the problems you may see with your new laptop. So, just find them.

laptop tips for beginners

Most Essential Laptop Tips for Beginners

From some tips for the new users of a laptop, there are top five necessary tips for you. Here they are:

  • Be patient

To be patient is important to learn a new thing, including a laptop. There are some people who feel frustrated to learn a computer and make them give up. So, if you want to keep learning a laptop, what you should do first is to be patient.

  • Ask for help

When you need to know something related to your laptop, you can ask for help at any time. Ask other people who have master a laptop well. You can do it when you couldn’t see the screen clearly, could not use the mouse, and have never used a keyboard before.

  • Go at your own pace

When you start learning laptop, don’t ever compare yourselves to others. Many other people come to a laptop with a different experience and background to you. Also, they may learn a laptop in a distinctive pace. So, just focus to your own pace while learning.

  • Practice more

Everyone knows that a practice makes perfect. In this matter, you can practice using your laptop as much as possible. You can practice as good as you want. So, don’t be shy to learn any time until you get what you want. Also, never be scared to make any mistakes.

  • Don’t panic

To get the positive thinking in learning a laptop, you need to calm down yourselves. It will make sense at the end of learning. So, try to increase your self-control in learning to use a laptop.

Five benefits of a laptop

A laptop will give you many benefits while you use it. With many features in it, a laptop will be advantageous in some business. Below are the benefits of it.

  1. Make the users’ work easier
  2. Provide many entertainments
  3. Become a medium for communication
  4. Give a medium for education
  5. Make people get any information around the world

Since a laptop is beneficial for the users, you are suggested to learn and master it well. As a new user, you can try to find laptop tips for beginners before or while learning it.

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